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Established since 1984 ProSer Industries was formally known as Ashutosh Enterprises. Since 1984 years ProSer has continuously deliver its customers highly precise, accurate and customized outputs in terms of product and cost efficiency. ProSer is a pioneer in various machining operations as well as fabrication (both industrial as well as civil), which clearly reflects in the ever increasing highly recognized clientele retaining trust of its former customers. With its firm establishment in the Mechanical Industry ,ProSer has also entered into the Automation and Software Product development & Consultancy Services in 2009. Thus ProSer delivers Products and Services to its customers in all the verticals of a any business such as MECHANICAL , ELECTRONICS, CIVIL, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY under one roof .



The team of experts that mobilizes the projects
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Umakant Sompurkar

Group Chairman and CEO
With over 35 years of extensive experience in Mechanical and Managment in international Manufacturing hubs, Mr. Umakant Sompurkar hold association of Indian Institute of Management, Ahemadabad.
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Ashish Sompurkar

Business Development and Event and Media Head
Ashish comes with a distinction grade in music and eloquent skill in Business Development.

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